Levi Ballard speaking during a MWAH! appearance on November 6, 2017 at Northlake Middle School in Northlake, Illinois

(photos by Patrick Richert)

as of December 3, 2017

My name: Levi Ballard

My Age / sign: 16 / Taurus

Where I was born: Rockford, Illinois

My school / year in school: Home School / Junior

My favorite subject in school and why:  History because I like to learn about the past.

My favorite food: Snickers candy bars

My favorite TV show: The Office

My favorite actress or actor: Hugh Jackman

My favorite musical group: My Chemical Romance

My hobbies: Basketball, Reading, and Long-boarding

My personal hero and why: My Uncle Todd because he’s proof that people can change.

My best friend and why: My brother Landon because of how close we are and have always been.

What you’d probably find in my iPod: Music lol

What you’d probably find under my bed: Clothes or shoes

Most of my time on the computer is spent: Working on school.

In my free time I: Play basketball and spend time with my family.

My most humbling experience: Whenever I lose a basketball game

The best advice I ever got: Never stop trying and always try your hardest!

The best day I’ve had so far: The day when I became a born-again Christian

The worst day I’ve had so far: The day when my Uncle Todd died

What makes me laugh: My little siblings

What makes me mad: My little siblings

My proudest moment so far: The time I took 2nd place in a cross-country meet

One thing I simply can’t stand: People who are disrespectful.

Fifteen years from now I want to: Have a family and a successful career.

The reason I want to: Because it sounds like a good life.

The three words that best describe me: Confident, Kind, and Hard-working

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