MWAH! Audition Interest

Hello! The MWAH! Performing Arts Troupe conducts auditions for prospective troupe members on a periodic basis. If you are interested, please read thru the following questions and answers to learn more about being a MWAH! Troupe member. If you are interested in auditioning, CLICK HERE to fill out your information.

–Who can audition?–
Anyone in 6th-10th grade who has any sort of artistic ability (singing, acting, poetry, speech, dancing, etc…) or anyone who feels they can positively spread the messages or MWAH! (Messages include anti-bullying, drug use, depression, suicide, domestic violence, and many more)

–What is MWAH!?–
MWAH! stands for Messages Which Are Hopeful.
Our mission statement is “MWAH! is an experience that delivers inspirational messages of hope and love from young people to young people, empowering them with the knowledge, courage, and strength to deal with life’s challenges. Through words, music, and dance, we are changing lives and saving lives, one performance at a time!

–When do you rehearse and perform?–
We rehearse every other Monday in the summer before each season.
We perform a maximum of twice a month (typically on Mondays) during the school year.

–Will I miss school for MWAH!?–
Yes. Because we perform during the school day at each school, you will miss, at most, two days of school each month.

–Do I have to sing?–
Nope! We have a lot of DIVERSITY in our troupe and take advantage of any and all talents our troupe members have.

-When are the Auditions?-
Auditions will be scheduled based on availability of the applicant and the Troupe.

If you are interested in auditioning for MWAH!, CLICK HERE to fill out your information so we can get in contact with you and send you details!

More information about out troupe can be found at