Bio Information for James Aaron Pagatpatan Agena as of September 23, 2016

My Name:  James Aaron Pagatpatan Agena

My age / sign:  15 / Cancer

Where I was born:  Chicago, Illinois

My current home town:  Bloomingdale, Illinois

My school / year in school:  Glenbard North High School / Sophomore

My favorite subjects in school:  Mathematics and science

My favorite food:  Fried rice, pizza, and Ramen noodles.

My favorite musical artists or groups:  Tori Kelly, Andrew Garcia, and Pentatonix.

My hobbies:  Napping, gaming, going out, and staying in.

My personal heroes and why:  My whole family because of all the things they have done.

My best friends and why:  All of my friends because they are always there for me.

What you’d probably find in my iPod:  Nothing (I don’t have one.)

What you’d probably find under my bed:  Spiders.

Most of my time on the computer is spent:  Gaming and surfing the net.

In my free time I:  Sleep and go on my laptop.

My most humbling experience:  When I think of myself in the shower.

The best advice I ever got:  Lower your standards so they are easier to achieve.

The best day I’ve had so far:  The last day of my freshman year.

The worst day I’ve had so far:  Any day when I receive my report card.

What makes me laugh:  Jokes.

What makes me mad:  Littering next to a trash can.

My proudest moment so far:  Beating my Dad in billiards.

Two things I simply can’t stand:  Sitting and uneven things.

One thing I’d like to change about myself:  To have more motivation and not be so lazy.

Fifteen years from now I want to:  Be the reason someone smiles every day.

The reason I want to:  Because seeing people smile and laugh makes me happy.

The three words that best describe me:  Lazy, forgetful, sleepy.

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