My name: Melanie Jones

My age / sign: 14 / Scorpio

Where I was born: Chicago, Illinois

My current home town: Carol Stream, Illinois

My school / year in school: Wheaton North High School / Freshman (2016-2017)

My favorite subject in school and why: Orchestra because it’s the one period of the day when my only assignment is to do what I love

My favorite food: Ice cream and cookie dough

My favorite TV show: ‘All That’ (a 90’s show)

My favorite musical artist: Chance the Rapper

My hobbies: Playing my violin, reading, and eating

My personal hero and why: Very cliché, but it has to be my mom. She’s the strongest person I know. Strength is her superpower!

My best friend and why: My sister because she has always been there whether I like it or not

What you’d probably find in my iPod: An unnaturally number of songs, including a weird mix of genres, like rap and classical music

What you’d probably find under my bed: I don’t even know what I’d find. It’s a jungle down there!

Most of my time on the computer is spent: On Pinterest looking at hair and outfits

In my free time I: Read and eat

My most humbling experience: When I realized that I was pretty unique and I was okay with that

The best advice I ever got: The only person who has to stay with you all your life is you, so you better love you. (from Melissa, my sister)

The best day I’ve had so far: Graduation Day at my middle school (Monroe in Wheaton, Illinois)

The worst day I’ve had so far: Graduation Day at my middle school

What makes me laugh: Corny jokes and bad pick-up lines

What makes me mad: When I go to McDonald’s and they tell me that they don’t have any more ice cream (yes, it has happened)

My proudest moment so far: The day I was chosen to deliver the speech for my 8th grade graduation

One thing I simply can’t stand: Hearing people eat or people who are messy with their food

One thing I’d like to change about myself: My eye color

Fifteen years from now I want to: Have somebody look at me and say, ‘because of you, I’m better.’

The reason I want to: Because I’d rather be the reason that person smiles than the reason that person is broken

The two words that best describe me: Talkative, goofy


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