My name: Ade Willis

Status: Since his move to the Los Angeles area about a year ago to pursue a professional career in dance and choreography, former troupe member Ade Willis has literally gotten his feet wet as a hip hop dancer.

He can be seen in this link Beauty and the Beat
as one of the dancers in the Justin Bieber video featuring rapper Nicki Minaj and filmed inside a water park.

Contrary to the text at the beginning of the video, parts of it were not really lost. It was basically a fun-type promotional stunt by Justin, who directed and produced the video.

More recently, Ade also was one of the super star’s dancers in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York which aired December 4, 2012 on CBS and viewed around the world.

Ade was most active with the MWAH! troupe in late 2005 and in 2006, but he has returned to assist the MWAH! troupe from time to time, primarily during the summer months, as a hip hop dance instructor and choreographer.

He received most of his dance training at Xtreme Dance Center in Naperville, Illinois. The Xtreme dance program and its nationally-acclaimed hip hop and jazz components are owned and managed by Samuel and J.C. Renzetti, who also are MWAH! alumni.

While involved with the MWAH! troupe Ade lived with his family in nearby Plainfield and Montgomery.
Written by Ray Moffitt – December 13, 2012