My name: Andrew Tamez-Hull


Former MWAH! artist Andrew Tamez-Hull (far left in sleeveless white T-shirt) reacts in a lighter moment of directing by Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, who’s pointing to actor Bee Vang in the filming of ‘Gran Torino’ in the Detroit area in August 2008 and released nationwide four months later. Bee portrays the character Thao, an immigrant Hmong (Asian) neighbor, and Andrew’s character is that of a rival Latino gang leader. Clint Eastwood, age 78, portrays racist Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski, who reluctantly comes to the aid of Thao’s family and bonds with Thao over a classic car. The movie was the #1 draw at the box office during its opening weekend and was Eastwood’s best opening ever. The National Board of Review has dubbed his performance the best for an actor in 2008.

Andrew, whose initiation to the movie industry began in December 2007 in the filming of ‘Nothing Like the Holidays,’ was actively involved with the MWAH! troupe as a singer, dancer, and actor from June 2002 until May 2007 while living in DeKalb and Aurora. His current projects include teaching hip hop at various dance studios, completing a vocal album, finessing his newly acquired skills as a pianist and guitarist, and collaborating in the writing of a screenplay for a movie based on a true Chicago area story.

A lead actor and an executive producer for ‘Nothing Like the Holidays’ was Freddy Rodriguez, a former member of the Explosonic Rockers Street Jazz Theatrical Troupe, predecessor to the MWAH! troupe