My name: Josh Welton

Status: The following information for the update on Josh was provided by his father, Clarence, who lives in Aurora:

Josh Welton, a performer with MWAH! during 2004, has been signed by Sony to be part of the group Fatty Koo, which is featured on a weekly reality series currently airing as Blowin Up Fatty Koo on the BET network. The series began with five artists from Columbus, Ohio, who won a John Lennon song writing contest sponsored by DAS Communications. Josh was chosen as the sixth member in a move to upgrade the group and make it more marketable. The move by DAS caused some friction because Josh was much younger than the other members – age 15 – and because of jealousy issues involving others members of the group. Josh never waivered and eventually won the other members over with his humility and talent.

Josh subsequently was pulled out of East Aurora High School as a freshman, moved to New York City on March 5, 2005, and was given a private tutor.

During the past couple of months Josh has appeared on both Soul Train and 106 & Park on BET and has performed with Fatty Koo in Dallas, Atlanta, Columbus, New York City, and Chicago. On June 27 Josh appeared on national television being interviewed on the red carpet prior to the annual BET Awards show in Los Angeles. He performed with Fatty Koo on July 1 in Las Vegas as an opening act for the Black Eyed Peas, and he’s preparing for an overseas tour with the two groups.

Josh has been part of a jam session with John Legend and India Irie, has had breakfast with Nelly, Ludacris, and Murphy Lee (106&Park), and recently met with Marcus Huston, Omarion, and Alicia Keys.

Music industry professionals are unanimous in their belief that Josh is a star among stars, not just because of his talent, but because of who he is. He always has been humble, and others respect that. His never ending drive for improvement can be credited to his faith. He has a drive with a purpose.

Josh credits the MWAH! troupe and its director, Ray Moffitt, with his opportunity – through trial and error – to hone his skills before live audiences. He appreciates the creativity and freshness which MWAH! uses in touching the lives of thousands of kids. And he thanks Ray for always being in Josh’s corner for advice and support. Josh wants to do whatever he can to support MWAH! In Josh’s words, “consider it done.”